A marriage of about 8yrs would be getting shattered in the next 6 months..


A marriage of about 8yrs would be getting shattered in the next 6 months.

I would be ending it with him on the month of June after the burial.  The woman who  brought this complaint last night, stated.

This woman had been married for over 7/8yrs now with three children. I guess the problem in her marriage is her mother in law. According to her, 7yrs ago when her mother in law came for Ọmugọ, she played an attitude of indifferent to a point that the mother in law cooks and eats differently, while living in the same house for six months of her stay. The woman weh they use because of am come Ọmugọ come from yansh deh slim down. Yet, The husband never saw anything wrong in all these.

Well, the real problem now all started when the woman got ill and was down to a point where she needs help in almost everything. I can’t really tell the level the wife’s assistance to the sick woman but I over heard the wife narrating that one of the annoyance of her husband was that she had refused to wash the mother’s clothes which pooed on as a result of the severe sickness. Remember, this old woman has always wanted to be on her own and probably would have loved to cooking on her own had it been she’s not sick.

The old sick woman died sometime last year and since then it had been a huge loss to the son and a peace to the wife. Neighbours who knew the pains the wife was passing through when the woman was alive, celebrated.  But the son had been keeping malice with the wife since then. According to her, she said that the husband hasn’t eaten her food from July last year after the mother’s death. I was shocked when she emphatically stated that the said husband didn’t eat her food this past Christmas and new year celebrations.  He had probably being eating outside. The wife’s shop rent had expired last month and when she asked that her husband be of help to renew the rent, he didn’t  say anything meaningful about it. It’s already looking like the woman is the only person in the marriage.  Yes! The woman used the money she could have used to pay her shop rent and supported her kid sister whose school lodge rent expired.

At some point last year, when the woman was fed up. She left with her kids, yet the husband couldn’t bother to call or ask about their whereabouts. All I could notice about this woman is that she’s already embittered and probably don’t want to continue with the marriage.

What advice do you have for her?

Now, on the side of the man. I think this man seem to love his mother more than the wife. Else I see no MUCH reasons why he would be wanting to abandon his beautiful family for nothing. This man is very young and could be at his early  30s. And he’s not the only son and child the woman gave birth to. But the reason why she prefers frequenting this particular family whike sje was still alife is still not understandable

What category  would yu want to place this man? A mummy’s pet? Or an alpha male?

Did yu understood anything from the story?

What advice would yu want to give to all the married and single men as regard this story?

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