After ten years of barrenness, a nursing mother alongside her mother who came for Ọmugwo was killed


A nursing mother, Christiana Igba and her mum, Maria Agbo, were k!lled by bandits in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, Abuja,

It was reported that Christiana’s mother came to Abuja from Benue State to celebrate the birth of her grandchild when the tragic incident happened.

It was gathered that Christiana, the wife of a police officer, Simon Igba, had just given birth to her first child after ten years of waiting.

According to reports, the kidnappers abducted Christiana, her mother and her one-month-old baby from their residence near the Mopol Barracks, in the Dei-Dei area of FCT about two weeks ago.

The kidnappers demanded N90m ransom from the family as a condition to release the victims.

It was learnt that the kidnappers contacted Christiana’s husband and after negotiation, they settled for N10 million.

The kidnappers asked Simon to get the money ready before 10 am on Thursday, January 25, 2024.

However, before the agreed time, the kidnappers called Simon to inform him that his baby was sick and had been handed over to another victim who was released that day.

The kidnappers gave the released victim Simon’s phone number and told her to call him when she gets to the hospital with the baby.

The hospital called Igba and he went there and recovered his baby.

A few hours later, the family received a report that Christiana and her mother had been k|lled.

Some police officers recovered the c0rpses and deposited them at the Kubwa General Hospital.

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